Coaster Bus Rental for Hire in Uganda

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Coaster Bus Rental for Hire in Uganda → Description

Coaster Bus Rental for Hire in Uganda

Coaster Bus Rental for Hire in Uganda, If you are traveling as a group let’s say from 12-30 people. The best Rental car is a Coaster Bus very good if you are interested in exploring Uganda for longer periods of time for example from 20-35 days.

All our Coaster Buses we offer have 4WD and 2 WD. However a 4WD is more suitable for  long drives which goes outside Kampala of if you are going.  And. 4WD are suitable for drives within and around Kampala city or for  transfer travelers from Entebbe to Kampala. As well as other towns around Uganda. They are readily available for long and short term rental depending on the preferences of the travelers. Our coasters have enough space for luggage, they have 24/7 working air conditioning (AC), 4 wheel drive, wide windows that are perfect for Game Viewing on a safari to Uganda’s game national park.

Coaster Bus Rental for Hire in Uganda, There seating capacity range from 12 although suitable to carry about 14 pax and above for tourism. Our coasters come with experienced drivers. And they are normally hired with drivers. They are professional English speaking guides/drivers. Thus can work on projects, safaris and group tours all over the country. Traveling as a group is less costly since everyone contributes towards the costs and the costs normally comes with a discount depending on the number of rental days.

We have them readily available at any time you need one or more to take you to the destination of your choice comfortably with an English speaking guide/driver.

  • Our safari coasters have a siting Capacity: 25-30 adventurers
  • Its Manual or Automatic transmission
  • Excellent fuel consumption
  • It has full time Air conditioner (AC)

Why consider a Coaster Bus Coaster Bus Rental for Hire in Uganda

Safety, when traveling in a coaster in the hands of our experienced drivers and guide. Be assured of safety, coasters are very comfortable and reliable to travel with.

Affordability# Coaster Bus Rental for Hire in Uganda

This comes in as a fact that coasters accommodates a big number of people. So it saves from the costs hiring many cars and not only that but when each contributes. You find that each pays a small amount and it’s also well known that, minibus is cheaper compared to other 4×4 safari vehicles. Like the Safari land cruiser extended. You advised to book in advance at least 2-3 months prior to the dates of travel. This can help you to win yourself a discounted rate of the total fee and to select your favorite minibus that can suit your desires and budget.

Joint road trip adventure #Coaster Bus Rental for Hire in Uganda

Travelling as a group in one roof is a perfect experience. A minibus allows you to travel in a group of about 20-30 people hence giving you a chance to have a joint experience. And gives you a great bond and pleasure in unforgettable memories.

Travel together

There is no need for you to rent another car when in a group of between 20-30 people. It’s designed to carry a big group and we assure you that our coasters will accommodate all of you including your luggage. You will save money would have used in renting more other cars. And use if for shopping or toping up on accommodation and have a safari experience for memories.

Travel with Privacy

No other car gives privacy like a coaster does, remember you are traveling as a family. Of which each knowing each other, so whatever done or seen on you safari, is reserved as a group. There will no room for to share your holiday experience with other members who are not party of the family.

Safety and Security

A coaster or omnibus, ensures safety performance while on the road these coasters bus have been tested and proved average and reliable on the road with it carrier capacity according to travel experts. Avoid traveling with public coasters, on records they have high chances of accidents due to overloading and reckless drivers on road some of which are not professional, on this short notice therefore, try to get purged of these safety risks by hiring a coasters from an established car rental company for your family vacation, you are handled over to the safe hands of our experienced and professional guides/ driver.

Flexibility and Ultimate Comfort

Coasters have flexible seats and it comes with enough leg room space, together with enough cargo space and air conditioning system among other important features that makes it worth to hire for your safari holiday, airport transfer to city tour. So you are assured of total enjoyment

It is a Four Wheel Drive

Most of the coasters are 4×4 wheel drive and it’s known as one of the strongest 4×4 safari car. It has the ability to manage all road condition even on the muddy roads in the remote areas. So this will perfectly give you confidence and definitely will give you a perfect adventure on your road trip.

So, if you are planning a family trip/ vacation this season in Uganda, don’t hesitate to contact us for your next trip while hiring from us this kind of car. For more information bookings and inquiries, simply get in touch with our reservation team by sending an email or call us on  +256-776641554 / +256 754787409


Our cars can be Rented / Hired with either a Chauffeur or on a Self-Drive

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