Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park: this smaller natural beauty lays southwestern from Kampala the capital of Uganda. It’s the 3nd smallest national park in Uganda and the smallest savannah park. Covering an area of 370sq/km rested in the shadow between Lake Victoria and the Rwenzori Mountains.

The park derives its name from a legendary tale about the brothers Mburo and Kigarama. One day Kigarama visualized awful dream, shared with the brother Mburo about a warning danger upcoming towards them that they should leave immediately. Mburo rejected to walk away. But Kigarama the brother shifted to the nearby hill. After few days, it rained and vast valley flooded where Mburo could no longer escape and died. The flooded valley named Lake Mburo and the nearby hill named Kigarama.

How to access Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park  the easily accessed park from Kampala and offers a refreshing stopover. When travelling to or from the western parks. It is one of the best places in the country to see the gigantic eland antelope as well as hundreds of zebras, and highest concentration of antelopes. The park features spectacular rolling landscapes dotted with acacia and palm trees with the swampy vegetation, rocky outcrops and lakes. Lake Mburo Park devours particular distinct biota. Not found elsewhere in other parks in Uganda including the Impalas, elands and klipspringer.

In the park you can enjoy guided walking safaris, game drives, boat trips and horse riding organized through Mihingo Lodge. The rolling scenery and swamps is the real African scenery that meets with the Tanzania savannah scenic mode. Mburo National Park is the premium national spot for predators in Uganda. Especially leopards due to its larger numbers in the park. For a special night game drive chances are higher to spot leopards actively hunting.

Lake Mburo National Park shelters numerous wildlife species with about 69 mammal species. Including some of the big five (lions, buffalos and leopards). Others mammals are hippopotamus, crocodiles, antelope species, zebras and giraffes. Introduced from Murchison falls among other wildlife species of birds and plants spotted.

Adventure activities to do at park

Wildlife drive adventure

At the southern part is the rush open savannah that features collection of several species. During the dry season. you can self drive in this park with our 4×4 safari vehicle  the southern section maintain some availability of permanent water supply, taking a game drive here is very rewarding. A rewarding commotion as far as wildlife spotting  concerned. And spotting leopards on a game drive here is at higher odds paralleled to other parks around the country.

The abundant of wildlife makes a game drive at Lake Mburo very fantasizing, about 68 mammal with some of the special animals only found in this park for example eland, impala, and brochette zebras among other sighting. And the only savannah park without elephants. It’s as well an opportunity for bird enthusiasts. There are plenty of bird species to focus your binoculars with over 300 bird species sheltered at Lake Mburo.

Taking a night game drive reveals much opportunities to spot a leopard actively hunting, spotting of other wildlife species like genet, bush pig, mongooses and hyenas. The special arrangements of this nocturnal night game drive takes 3 hours driving through the park.

Boat launch trip

Spending one and half hours on a boat ride is another popular avenues to reveal the adventure packages of Lake Mburo National Park. A boat launch is another spectacular moment of sighting diverse aquatic wild games of hippos, Nile crocodiles, and monitor lizards. And other land mammals drawing water at the lake shores including buffalos, and antelope species, water bird species are spotted during the boat ride including the African fish eagle, cormorants, egrets, blue headed weavers, pelicans, pied kingfishers among many sighting.

Bird watching

Birding safaris is okay at park mainly at Rubaga forest made of several interesting tree species including acacias, fig trees, markhamia among others that nest several bird species. Warukiri and mikiri swamps also are perfect birding termini within the park where shoebill also can be spotted. The viewing platform of Miriti and Rubaga forest are excellent for birders opportunities.

The park records a number of about 325 bird species among. Which are white winged tit, Bare-faced Go-away bird, White-headed Barbet, Red faced barbet,  Red-shouldered cuckoo-shrike, Long-tailed Cisticola, Brown parrot, Grey crowned crane, Rufous-bellied Heron, Bateleur. And black bellied bastard, night heron, malachite and pied kingfisher and African fish eagle among other birds.

Nature walks

The absence of elephants in the park makes possible to make a nature walk through the savannahs of Lake Mburo. The guided nature walks  organized especially in the morning hyena walks and the pedestrian destination that overlook a salt lick. Bird enthusiasms can take the Rubanga forest canopy trail finding several bird species. Nature walk is the coolest rarely done activity for spotting out wildlife at Lake Mburo national park on foot. During nature walk the guide tells you which footprint. Or dung belong to which animal this is the only chance of walking close to wild animals while in the park.

Sport fishing

It’s a special adventure, sports fishing arrangements are done at Mazinga section. Which is free from crocodile and safe for the activity. The spot fishing at Lake Mburo, one can take the catch fish and take their catch to their lodge for preparing. Tilapia is the main catch however there six fish species at Lake Mburo. For those suggesting to do a spot fishing adventure are required to travel with their fishing equipment and authorization from Uganda wildlife authority.

Horse Riding Safari

One of the silent moments of exploring what Lake Mburo national park offers without engines. Horse riding is a noble way to see wildlife and the lakes around. The horseback riding activity is privately arranged by lodge Mihingo safari lodge a luxury lodge, its tailor made to suite tourists’ interests of price and duration. The horseback riding safari activity can last for one to three hours.  Thus the night horse riding safaris can be arranged which are accompanied with the wildness camping and meals.

Where to stay in Lake Mburo.

Lake Mburo  Park is situated with different accommodation facilities reserved for tourists. And other visitors to long for some specific days at affordable prices. book a safari to Lake Mburo national park with us.

Luxury: Mantana tented camp/ Mihingo lodge

Mid-range: Lake Mburo Safari Lodge/Arcadia cottages

Budget: Rwonyo camp/Eagles Nest