Land Rover Defender for hire in Uganda

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Land Rover Defender for hire in Uganda → Description

Land Rover Defender for hire in Uganda:

Discover Uganda differently in a comfortable Land Rover Defender, a favorite rental car option for maneuvering with no worries of tough terrains/landscapes. If you are enthusiastic about adventure or discovery, then renting the Land Rover Defender has you covered.

Land Rover Defender  one of our classic rental cars in Uganda and absolutely fitted with all the amenities, fully services making it an all year-round rental car choice regardless of road condition. Land Rover is best to hire for self-drive safaris in Uganda, family tours and if your interest is to explore the mountainous areas.

We have extensive, latest Land Rover Defender rental cars, dependable, reliable and affordable. With Land Rover Defender, rough terrains, dirty/muddy roads or river crossing isn’t a big issue because it is king of its own.

Our Land Rover Defenders are best to hire for wildlife viewing in Uganda. It comes with pop up roof for you to enjoy 360-degree game viewing in the savanna grassland protected areas such as Kidepo Valley National Park, Queen Elizabeth N/Park or Murchison Falls National Park.

Also, hiring Land Rover Defender allows you enjoy unlimited mileage. You can drive up to where wildlife regardless of the conditions/nature of wildlife habitat. The amazing bit about Land Rover Defender is that it comes with comfortable seats for everyone on road trip.

The Land Rover a 5 door wagon model fitted with 4×4 wheel drive system, power assisted steering, anti-lock braking system, front air conditioning, rear mud flaps, leatherette seat trim, FM radio, Station wagon roof, heated rear windscreen and we have manual transmission.

Why consider Land Rover Defender for hire in Uganda

  • Incredible off-roof performance– Land Rover Defender is a leader when it comes matters such as off-road safaris. It comes with great ground clearance making the best to start your adventure in any part of Uganda, the pearl of Africa.
  • Powerful engine- Land Rover rentals come with various engines each offering remarkable performances. The engines are designed uniquely with low fuel consumption rate.
  • Luxurious interior- For ultimate road trip, Land Rover is the best option. Hiring one guarantees you comfort on a road trip to any part of Uganda. It accommodates up to 5 average-sized adults and the seats are comfortable with room leg available for you to stretch.
  • Safety features- Our Land Rover Defender rental is fitted with high tech features. It responds to terrains in 2 systems ensuring that all the wheels have the right amount of traction.
  • More options– Land Rover rentals come with a range of options. From the interior, exterior and other additional features. Visitors can choose from gasoline or diesel hybrid.
  • Fuel economy- you definitely need the right car that can allow you save on fuel and that is none other than a comfortable Land Rover Defender. Discover Uganda without incurring a lot on fuel.
  • Great entertainment- Not only is Land Rover fitted with FM radio or CD player but it also comes with high tech infotainment system including large screens to allow you to see what is outside.


Our cars can be Rented / Hired with either a Chauffeur or on a Self-Drive

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