AMurchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park: Currently, Uganda most visited park among all tourist destinations. A unique jeweled natural depot, availing superb adventure safaris in Uganda. The park is Uganda’s giant national park among the ten, located northwestwards from Kampala capital. It covers an area of 3,789sq/km. And holds about 80kms of the Nile River flowing right from Karuma falls (Karuma wildlife reserve) to Pakwachi Bridge.

The Murchison Falls are the most famous brand of the park. They’re arguably called the most powerful waterfalls in the world. So there’s no Murchison Falls National Park without the famed roars of the Murchison Falls. The Park is rich with water resources after harboring both Lake Albert and the Victoria Nile.

The shout run from Karuma falls rush to form the untamed Murchison roars. That exist through the Victoria Nile meeting Lake Albert to form the popular Delta a hub for wildlife and one of the world’s most populated hippo pools.

Arguably, Murchison falls is the world’s most powerful waterfalls. Evidenced by a roaring sound of waters rapidly forcing into a narrow gorge. This forms an ecosphere voyage cascades scenic views expressively the top of the falls. The park is bisected into two sections the southern section which is dominated with thickets and bushes. Not favoring the existence of much of the wildlife and Northern section  with a banquet of wildlife species for viewing.

Adventures done at Murchison Falls National Park

Top of the falls view

One thing that can’t be missed when visited the Murchison Falls is taking a drive to the top of the falls. This gives a 180 angle view of the Murchison falls and feeling the moist roars of the world most powerful falls on top. Through the southern wing tapes the on top rewards with finest breathtaking full view of the top of the Murchison falls spray. Glance at the rough and very speedy waters forcing into the narrow gorge of 7 meters wide. The Murchison waterfalls can also be viewed along a boat cruise.

Adventurous Wildlife Game Drive

Uganda’s most exciting adventure activity, while lousily seated in your 4×4 safari vehicle driving. Through various made tracks is the order of great views. This is the major undertaking which wont miss on any adventure safari in Murchison falls National Park. The safari to Murchison Falls National Park can reward you with the full package of the Big Five Mammals. Such as  lion, leopard, elephant, and buffalo on addition to Ziwa rhino sanctuary. Several other animals viewed include; antelope species, jackals, hyenas, and variety of bird species including crested crane, ground hornbill, great blue turaco, and insects like dragon flies, butter flies. With special arrangement, a night game drive at Lake Mburo national park is so rewarding. As it can offer one more chances of viewing big cats like a leopard actively hunting,

Wild Boat Launch trip

The Nile boat cruise to the bottom of the falls has great amazing rewards of wildlife and aquatic life. Including crocodiles, hippopotamus, monitor lizards among others as well several bird species. Along the cruising trial there is a lot of amazing features of the tilled cliff. The cruising towards the falls on the southern wing takes for the hiking experience to the top of the falls, this wild-waterfalls hiking is very interactive with nature. There is a lot of wild encounters on this trek. Watching primate species including olive baboons, vervet monkey, and black and white colobus among others.

The thickets and woodland savannah of the southern home of various bird species including water duiker, harmer kop, pied king fisher, goalie heron, Abyssinian ground horn bill, tilt bird species among others.

Sport Fishing

Sport fishing one of finest activities mostly done on the Victoria Nile as well at the delta in the company of a guide. The activity is a catch and release, at the amount of US$50 at any time your fishing safari adventures on the southern wing there several small islands where fishing is done. The most catch is the Nile perch weighing about 50kg and above.

Chimpanzee Tracking

Through Masindi through the Kichumbanyobo gate, the Budongo tropical forests rests to offer the chimpanzee tracking experiences. The forest has habituated chimpanzee communities for tourists to track. The track is an early activity starting at 08:00hours enter the forest and start tracking the likely human relatives.  chimpanzee trekking tracking may take about 30 minutes to 8 hours. And a summit with the Chimps spend an hour in their presence watching them at the distance of 7 meters. However, due to lack of food, sometimes the chimpanzees migrate to far areas and  missed out on a track.

Camping at the delta

The real wild camping indoors the midst of plentiful biota, this means to travel with your camping materials get an armed ranger guide from the park office to protect against the would be aggressive mammals in the middle of the night. The delta is a concentration of many wildlife coming to draw water from the river banks.