Mini Van for hire in Uganda

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Mini Van for hire in Uganda → Description

Mini Van for hire in Uganda

 Mini Van for hire in Uganda: The Safari Van is a perfect Car to Rent for group travelers on a safari tour in Uganda. Very comfortable for travelers due to enough leg room space. It’s very easy to traverse to anywhere in Uganda even in remote areas since it’s a 4×4 safari van.
Hire a safari van and enjoy your road trip in Uganda in a self-guided group safari. The car comes with both Automatic and Manual with perfect tires to navigate the rough 4WD tracks. The safari van comfortably seats 7-9 pax they have enough space to carry baggage. It comes with a pop-up roof perfect for game viewing in the wild, so If you are traveling in a large group and you are interested in an adventure don’t look no further. Just inquire from us this kind of car, we shall provide. It will take you with friend and family and enjoy your trip together.
Mini Van for hire in Uganda
It is always good to move and enjoy all activities together as a group traveling under the same roof. A min van consumes petrol either unleaded or normal petrol with a fuel tank which takes 60 litres. Its Coverage is 500 km-600 km depending on the nature of the terrain you are driving in. Our van rental Uganda offers are unbeatable with huge discount especially for clients interested in using them for a long period of time.
The safari van is hired when in good mechanical condition and it come with unlimited mileage. With 24/7 working air conditioner, well serviced, it is a 4×4, it covers about 80 litters of fuel and 1 litter can take you 6-8km. It comes with a spare tire and tools like wheel Spanner to help you fix a flat tire in case of it. It is on comprehensive insurance against accidents, fire, theft, damages, and anything that may happen on it. And you are advised to come with your travel insurance from your home country. 
Your driving permit gives you permission to drive on Uganda roads for a period of up to 3 months.

Why hire a safari van for your next trip in Uganda

Enough cargo space #Mini Van for hire in Uganda

Don’t be scared when traveling with luggage with Safari Vans this gets solved, the safari van features enough cargo space. Where all passengers can keep their luggage safely and enjoy a comfortable road trip without any conveniences of your cargo.

Pop Up roof#Mini Van for hire in Uganda

The pop up roof gives one a chance to view the wildlife in a far range in the Savannah in our Uganda Safari parks. Everyone is looking for a pop roof almost everyone is looking for this unique attribute when planning a rewarding safari trip in Uganda.


Safari vans are one of the affordable cars to hire on your safari to Uganda. And given the fact that it accommodates many people, you can easily share the costs and they are mainly hired with safari guide/driver. The price range from 120 USD to 150 USD with a driver.


The Safari Vans has enough leg room space with a nice interior, they have 24/7 working AC. It comes with enough space for luggage. All these features makes it a comfortable car to travel with for your next vacation and very suitable with group travels

It comes with a 4×4 safari vehicle

The safari van is a 4×4 wheel car hence making it easy to navigate. Even in the terrine roads regardless of the weather conditions. Don’t worry about the tough road while traveling in safari mini Van

Book a safari min van with a driver and enjoy your Uganda safari tour in the pearl with our experienced safari guide/driver


Our cars can be Rented / Hired with either a Chauffeur or on a Self-Drive

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