Queen Elizabeth National Park

Uganda’s most popular parks, Queen Elizabeth National Park is found in South Western Uganda. Bordering the Democratic Republic of Congo in the great Albertine rift valley. The park was named Queen Elizabeth to honor the coronation of Queen Elizabeth in the early 1950s.

It’s the second largest park in Uganda after with the areal coverage of 1978 sq/km. The volcanic activities of ancient years formed landscapes of the Kazinga channel, Lake Edward and lake Gorge. That decorates the park to offer a fantastic picture, and number of many crater lakes.

The park specifically known for rush vegetation cover which has occupied Mweya peninsular and the great. The park is sectioned into various areas that have offered special adventure treatments. The Mweya peninsular is known for the boat cruise along the Kazinga channel. Kasenyi section has partitioned to offer the rewarding wild game viewing, Kyambura gorge is commonly for chimpanzees and the Ishasha for the special tree climbing safaris.

With those great sections, Queen Elizabeth National Park is stationed at the place of having the longest lists of adventures done at any park.

Below are adventure activities that can be done at the Park

Wild game drives

When visit Queen Elizabeth National Park and fail do a wild game drive. Then you did an incomplete safari adventures. The game drive is done at Kasenyi section which grounds avail most of the opportunities to see variety of wildlife.  Then a drive through various made trucks letting you into the deep arrays of wildlife concentration. Including elephants, lions, leopards, herds of buffaloes, countless herds of antelope species warthogs among many other wildlife species. The most rewarding game drive is best done during the morning hour’s feature up close viewing of the wildlife. As they rush to feed on still moist green flora. game drives are best conducted in a 4×4 tourist vehicle which is perfect to navigate the hash routs in the park

Amazing spotted actions of wild mammals likely to encounter on a game drive would include, spotting  an elephant, the largest land mammal skillfully using its trunk to feed, a lion predatory on antelopes while the hyena uncomplainingly behind to scoff the lion’s leftovers. Other groups of mammals like herds of Buffalo and antelopes navigate the game park all day long. Warthogs, leopards, the giant forest hog are among the others give you the excitement of the day.

Launch Trip

This activity is almost done by every visitor at the park, to have the two hour launch trip backed up by plenty of wild games to view. The exciting boat ride at Kazinga Channel long natural water linking Lake Edward to Lake George.

Thus the vast of the channel is a wonderful sighting point of numerous crocodiles. One of the world’s most populated hippo pool, herds of wild game which come to draw water at the channel banks. Besides the large hippopotamuses taking their dints in the waters. The Nile crocodiles lounging sluggishly on the channel banks for a warm sun feel. And the water birds species like the kingfisher gathering its daily meal, all these are some of the lifetime experiences you will encounter on the cruise.

The Tree Climbing Lions

Far off the beaten truck on the southern wing of Queen Elizabeth National Park is the Ishasha section where bets on how lions climb trees are withheld. The reality proves and nature proves what it can offer. While at ishasha sector it’s not about watching tree climbing lion, but tracking the tree climbing predators. Here, lions are hovering up on acacia and fig trees which is enchanting sight to behold.

Reasons for lions to climb trees still a mystery. What could really chase king of the jungle up from his grounds. Maybe moist thorny grounds, seeking the cool breeze in the trees. Or escaping the notorious bites from the tsetse flies and other insects from the ground.

The track sights here is shifted from the grounds thickets heights of trek branches. Where the pride reasoned as their second residing place. However, ishasha sector is also home to other animals. Such as herds of buffaloes, large numbers of elephants, warthogs and antelopes to give a memorable safari adventures to trackers within the park sector.

Bird watching

Queen Elizabeth National park is Uganda top birders destination recording the highest numbers of bird species. The park is documented with over 660 bird species. One of the major memory to note at Queen Elizabeth national park is bird watching.

Meanwhile, there is plenty to occupy the die-hard bird enthusiast. Lowly the number of these bird species follow the migratory trend of breeding from Europe and Asia. Birders prepared a list to watch while at Queen Elizabeth national park after their bird trip would have added a number of sighted bird species.

Furthermore, the common bird sighing here include, Egyptian goose, spur winged plover, African fish eagle, pied kingfisher, sacred ibis, African skimmers. Some other birds likely to focus your binoculars may include the; Sedge warbles, Papyrus canary, the martial eagle, Pink backed Pelican, Yellow throated Cuckoo, and the Verreaux’s Eagle Owl, all which inhabit the park’s expansive grasslands, forests and wetlands.

The most catching places for birds include the Kazinga channel, watching plenty of flamingos at salty Lake Katwe and Bunyampaba.

Chimpanzee Trekking

The Kyambura Gorge situated in the Northern part of Queen Elizabeth National Park also branded as the valley of Apes shelters a number of primate species in particular the chimpanzees. The chimpanzees tracking is one of the thrilling adventures in Uganda. Kyambura gorge is among the few fantastic forest to find habituated chimpanzees.

Chimpanzees are habituated to be accustomed to human presence. Tracking chimpanzees here saves more dollars compared to tracking at Kibale national park. The permits here are cheaper which goes for USD $50.

The underground rainforest in a gorge is an excellent chimpanzee home, among other primates to encounter may include Red tailed monkeys, baboons, butterflies and different bird species are among other inhabitants that makes Kyambura rainforest little paradise worth sighting besides Chimpanzees.

However, other activities one can take at queen Elizabeth national park include, community visits, balloon safaris, explosion crater drive makes queen Elizabeth national park a fantastic place to visit.